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== Traduction ==
== Traduction ==
* - Par Reynald Némery
== Liens externes ==
== Liens externes ==

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Zacchary Wylde est un maître anglais qui publie en 1711 : English Master of Defence or, The Gentleman's Al-a-mode Accomplish, containing The true Art of Single-Rapier or Small-Sword withal the curious parres, and many more than vulgar Terms of Art plainly expressed; with the Nature of every particular pass, and the true performance thereof; withal the exquisite Ways of Disarming as Enclosing. AND All the guards at Broad-Sword and Quarter Staff, perfectly demonstrated; showing how the Blow, Strokes, Chops, Thro's, Flirts, Slips and Darts, are Performed; with the true Method of Travesing. ALSO The exact Rules of Wrestling, explaining all the nice Holds, both out and in. Catches, Hugs, Trips and Locks, after what manner they are Taken, and how to be broken. The like was never Published be fore by man in England.



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